Our Story

If you have sensitive skin, then you know how difficult it is to find bath and body products that won't irritate your skin...

I developed eczema, and was frustrated with traditional lotions and soaps which used harsh chemicals and fragrances that worsened my condition. It all started when I blended sweet almond oil and a few drops of lavender and rose essential oils. This mixture soothed my dry skin and didn't leave me scratching. From this base, I started mixing all kinds of essential oils and natural ingredients to make lotions, washes, bath bombs, and salts.

Eventually, I named my company Enfusia (in-fyu-sha), a feminine play on the "infusions" I was developing. My family and friends consumed all the potions I could mix. Before long, I outgrew my kitchen and partnered with an herbalist and a chemist, which gave the products stability and integrity. We have developed a full line of bath and body products created with the infusion of botanical extracts, vitamins, essential oils and natural ingredients. No harsh chemical ingredients are used, ever.